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Modern Britain Essay Example for Free

Present day Britain Essay Having the option to arrive at an authentic decision about this announcement could be very hard because of the numerous meanings of religion and secularization in any case. There are such a large number of various definitions for these that characterizing it accurately once arent the case. Anyway secularization is in general observed to be the decrease in significance given to religion. Wilson set forward the possibility that religion has declined and is currently less significant/persuasive in the public arena than it was before. This was known as the secularization postulation. Wilson centers around measurable proof identifying with strict organizations and their action. Church participation insights are utilized for proof of secularization in the UK and these fluctuate and show large contrasts. The fall and ascent of insights in various zones show that religion has little impact today. Interpretive sociologists state that these measurements ought to be treated with alert as insights for earlier hundreds of years might be mistaken as information wasnt gathered just as it is today, the brilliant legend isn't exact and it could be deluding. Then again present measurements may not either be dependable as various strict associations could have distinctive tallying strategies to each other and furthermore earlier hundreds of years. Bellah questions the legitimacy of measurements, as they dont show the full picture e. g. an individual going to chapel doesnt need to imply that they are strict. He says that religion is a private encounter and can't be estimated for a great many people. Measurable proof just enlightens us regarding cooperation in certain regulated religions, not strict conviction/practice in general. Wilson proposes that reasonable deduction looking like science has supplanted strict impact in our lives on the grounds that logical advancement has brought about higher expectations for everyday comforts. Science has likewise thought of persuading clarifications for wonders which were once given by strict associations e. g. how the world was made. Individuals have in this manner become progressively upset with religion. Anyway individuals state that Wilson possibly overemphasizing the impact of soundness, proof reveals to us that individuals now and again incline toward strict clarifications to logical clarifications. Social disposition overviews disclose to us that 70% of the UK populace maintain a string faith in god. Numerous individuals buy in to semi strict ideas, for example, karma or destiny. There has been a decrease in responsibility to convictions. Enrollment of high responsibility associations has commonly diminished and low duty associations participation has expanded. The prominence of certain cliques might be clarified by the way that they don't request a lot of duty. Wilson contends that the congregation is not, at this point associated with significant zones of public activity, for example, governmental issues. He says that government officials have no enthusiasm for ensuring their strategies meet with the endorsement of strict pioneers. The media is bound to have an effect and direct individuals instead of the congregation. Wilson says that the congregation has become separated from the more extensive society and just assumes a minor job in current society. Anyway pundits state that religion is as yet a significant supplier of training and government assistance in the public eye today. The media despite everything shows an incredible enthusiasm for strict issues, for example, ladies clerics or the Church of Englands mentalities to homosexuality. National strict services, for example, the memorial service of Princess Diana recommend that the consecrated may at present be significant.

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Undercover Boss

Covert Boss: Yankee Candle The scene of Undercover Boss over Yankee Candle addressed a couple of significant part of being a gainful pioneer. The scene followed Yankee Candles CEO and President Harlan Kent as he acted like â€Å"Dan Johnson† while he went through the day being prepared at various Yankee Candle employments. Harlan Kent indicated numerous characteristics that a remarkable pioneer should gangs. In an administration investigation I will address the initiative characteristics appeared in this scene, just as spread a few mix-ups that pioneers ordinarily make and how they can be overcome.The most characterizing quality that Harlan appeared through the scene is his remarkable energy for all parts of the Yankee Candle Business. Enthusiasm is critical for a pioneer to communicate in light of the fact that it not exclusively is the thing that drives the pioneer yet additionally shows his supporters a case of the dedication that they ought to have for their employments. T he second quality that was demonstrated has to do with the manner by which Harlan rewarded his workers. He demonstrated the capacity to set employment titles aside and treat everybody equivalent. He tuned in to what his representatives needs to state and demonstrated help to them as people.This is significant as a pioneer since it shows adherents that they are critical to the association as well as are perceived as the individuals they are and not just by their set of working responsibilities. One final quality that I saw Harlan demonstrated in this scene was his capacity to be film with his representatives and cause them to comprehend what is anticipated from them. He did this with his last experience with the worker Blaze. The significant piece of this experience was that he had the option to be uncompromising with Blaze yet at that point offer a goals and support.This authority quality ingrains regard in the representative for the pioneer and can build the degree of trust between the two. Initiative isn't simple and there are numerous missteps that will. One of these slip-ups is for a pioneer to under advise a representative. This can be can caused for various reasons yet it was appeared in this scene a couple of times while Harlan was experiencing the direction procedure. Workers would give Harlan an assignment to do with a limited quantity of guidance and afterward proceed onward to their own activity. Harlan would then battle and representative would be frustrated in his work.I feel like this was a slip-up by the workers since they ought to have perceived the absence of expertise or bearing that Harlan had and afterward worked with him until he was completely ready to achieve the assignment. Different slip-ups that are usually made by pioneers have to do with the possibility that they are over their devotees. In the event that pioneer requests that their devotees show up on an ideal opportunity to a gathering and they themselves are late than their suppo rters may think being late or missing is worthy. On the off chance that a pioneer comes up with a rationalization for something than a follow feels they would now be able to make an excuses.There are numerous instances of this kind of conduct that a pioneer can make. Pioneers who commit errors like these need to go to the understanding that driving doesn’t mean you are in control. It implies you are the pioneer and you should set the model. The most ideal way a pioneer can recoup from botches like these are honestly and thero in all parts of initiative. Besides, If they commit an error, perceive the misstep and afterward gain from it since everybody can perceive their mix-ups yet it takes a decent pioneer to have the option to gain from their mistakes.This investigation secured the administration characteristics appeared by Yankee Candles CEO Harlan Kent is the scene of Undercover Boss just as a portion of the slip-ups pioneers usually make and how they can conquer these mix- ups. The most significant part to take from this investigation is that an incredible pioneer have an energy for their activity and should have the option to tune in and regard their devotees. In the event that a pioneer commits an error they need initially remember they committed an error and than gain from the misstep to better themselves and the group.

Texting and Driving Persuasive Free Essays

Not long before senior year, it was a warm summer night. You were in the vehicle with your companions, impacting music, chiming in, and having a discussion on the telephone all simultaneously. It was all silly buffoonery until you see the splendid headlights of an enormous semi truck, and that was that. We will compose a custom exposition test on Messaging and Driving Persuasive or then again any comparable theme just for you Request Now Crash! I’m sure there have been numerous circumstances like this one and it is a troubling idea. Such a large number of individuals settle on an inappropriate choice of messaging and driving. At the point when I instruct them not to do it, they would simply contend, â€Å"I’m great at it however, trust me. I do comprehend that it transformed into a persistent procedure; in any case, that doesn’t imply that mishaps can’t occur. That is the thing that they all think, yet anything can happen to any driver, at whenever. My companions have learned not to content and drive when I am in the vehicle with them, yet that doesn’t mean they don’t do it when they are distant from everyone else, or when I’m not in the vehicle. Truth be told, I imagine that is far more atrocious on the grounds that there is then nobody to let them know, â€Å"Look out! † or â€Å"Stop! † By this point there is no turning around, simply grief stricken r elatives and companions. Consistently I see at any rate one individual messaging and driving, and it makes my heart avoid a beat. In addition to the fact that i am stressed for that individual to get in a mishap, however I’m worried for me, and different drivers out and about. I notice them driving indiscreetly, and turning out and about. Regardless of what sort of circumstance you’re in, there are a whole lot of nothing ones with regards to the street. At the point when my sibling got his permit he was found messaging and driving by my mom’s companion who at that point advised her. She was angry! â€Å"Luke! † My mother snapped. â€Å"Why would you even consider messaging and driving? You can get slaughtered. † â€Å"It was just a single time; I don’t do it regularly however! † commented Luke. â€Å"No matter how frequently you do it, it just takes one mishap to execute you. answered my mother, with fire in her eyes. She was furious that day since she reconsidered him. She also knows the terrible of messaging and driving; along these lines, she is a solid nonbe liever as well. I recollect one brilliant bright day, the snow was shimmering from the extreme beams of the sun, and the icicles were dissolving. In any case, evidently some dark ice stowed away in the city. As we were driving, I saw a kindred driver not notice the turn for the exit. He drove straight ahead into the metal railing along the curve. Also, BOOM! I saw this occasion happen directly at my own two eyes. It was hopeless as well, considering the way that it was an extravagance vehicle. As we I drove past it, I knew at that moment that messaging and driving is certainly impossible for me. Its difficult to state how enticing messaging while at the same time driving is, however all I know is that when I get my permit, I am never going to begin the propensity. That is my idea now and I trust it will consistently remain as such. I am wanting to change not simply the lives of my loved ones, however to others everywhere throughout the street. Next time your cup holder vibrates, disregard it, and spotlight out and about. Your life, and the lives of your travelers are in your grasp, so use sound judgment. Messaging slaughters! This I accept. The most effective method to refer to Texting and Driving Persuasive, Essays

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Behaviorist Models and Methods of Terrorism Essay

Behaviorist Models and Methods of Terrorism - Essay Example Most appear to share an element of a mental condition known as the counter social character issue or psychopathic character issue, which is a nonattendance of sympathy for the enduring of others †they don’t feel different people’s torment. In any case, they don't seem precarious or intellectually sick. Somebody who is intellectually sick might need to submit a demonstration of fear, yet as most psychological oppression requires helping out others, this makes it more uncertain that an intellectually sick individual will really complete such a demonstration in light of the trouble they have in working with others. Fear bunches generally abhorrence or doubt the individuals who wish to go along with them, who seem, by all accounts, to be precarious. â€Å"It is uncommon to discover a fear monger who experiences a clinically characterized ‘personality disorder’ or who could in some other manner be viewed as intellectually sick or mentally deviant† (S ilke, 1998). It's anything but an incident that numerous fear based oppressors originate from places where harmony isn't the standard; places like the Middle East or Northern Ireland, where all the current age of youngsters have known is normal, outrageous, very much plugged brutality. Savagery could be the standard for such youngsters, regardless of whether it is on a wide scale or inside a littler network or family. It might come to be viewed as the ordinary reaction to accomplish targets. The way toward turning into a fear based oppressor is basically an issue of socialization. The move from being alienated to turning into a functioning fear monger is generally accelerated by a catalyst† (Silke, 2001). Most sociologists have confidence in sustain not nature and consider fear mongers to be driven by political philosophy and political complaints. Psychological oppressors are frequently the results of excessively lenient, affluent families with whom they were in strife, had co nflicting mothering or were segregated from others.

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A Simple 3-Step Process to Achieving Greatness

A Simple 3-Step Process to Achieving Greatness “Good is the enemy of great. And that is one of the key reasons why we have so little that becomes great. We dont have great schools, principally because we have good schools. We dont have great government, principally because we have good government. Few people attain great lives, in large part because it is just so easy to settle for a good life.” Jim CollinsMany people are looking for a good life. One in which there are no struggles in paying bills, going on vacations, having a good home etc.But if the quote by Jim Collins makes sense to you, then you know that there can be better.Do you want a good life or a great life?If you are daring enough to pick the latter, then read on to see how to achieve it. If you’re okay with a good life, please read on.Perhaps you could change your mind and pursue greatness. Then the world will have many great people worth emulating.STEPS TO ACHIEVING GREATNESSAnd how will you know whether you’re living or aiming for a great life and not a go od one?Well, it starts with a dream.What kind of life do you dream of living?If you achieve your dreams, then you’re living in greatness.“A mans dreams are an index to his greatness.”  Zadok Rabinwitz1. DEFINE GREATNESSYou can define greatness in many different ways. More than that, your greatness is different from your friend’s or colleague’s greatness.This is mainly because we are all different. And that is why it is not a wise thing to compare yourself to someone else.If you are to achieve greatness, the first thing you have to do is define what greatness means to you.If you don’t, you might end up pursuing something you are not clear about.And in that case, your efforts will amount to nothing.To make it easier for you, just look at greatness as a goal. That way, you will be able to clarify what exactly you want to achieve.Whatever your “greatness” is, it should have at least three characteristics.It should be challenging.Being great is not a small feat. If it wer e, then the whole world would be full of great people. In that kind of world, there would be no problems since great people solve problems.Also, if everyone was great, life would be too competitive. Life is indeed competitive.But as you will learn by the time you’re done with this article, great people work hard. If everyone worked hard towards their goals, the rate of competition would be extremely high. Source: Mediator SelectSo, what’s your greatness?If you are a soccer player, check out what history has to say about the world’s champions. What did the highest performer achieve? How did the second-best perform? What was the gap in goals scored?Did the best score five goals in every game? Did the second-best score an average of four per game? Can you aim at an average of six goals per game?The goal you are looking to achieve must send some chills down your spine whenever you think about it.Not to mean that it scares you so much that you decide to drop it.But it should get you to understand that you are setting yourself up to be different.It should be motivating.Scary as your goal for greatness is, it should have some motivation in it.However, this motivation should go beyond the pep talk that tells you it’s possible.It is indeed possible, but what is it that makes you go for it?Your idea of greatness alone can be a motivation for you. In case it isn’t, then you should consid er the benefits of greatness. What kind of life will you live once you achieve this one goal?Some of the general benefits that come with greatness are popularity, wealth, coaching contracts, motivational speaking contracts and the like.Is this what you want?If your answer is “Yes,” then you have missed the point. And in missing the point, you might end up being a part of the 92% of people who don’t achieve their goals.Why?Because these are things you can have without being great.Being great is very different from this. It is much bigger than these things.You need to be motivated to be a leader in your field. To usher people into a new world. If you are in a scientific field, you should pioneer some research and get the results. If in the technology field, then invent something that will be a real solution to the world.You should be fueled by a desire to do something more permanent than just have money and influence. The time and effort which you will dedicate should amount to something that will last beyond you.It should be specific.You need to be specific about your definition of greatness. You cannot pursue a vague goal and expect to achieve it. You will quickly lose track of anything which is not specific.You will soon get to a point where you are confused as to which exact path you should take.To avoid this situation, ensure your definition of greatness is specific.Look at the comparisons below of vague vs. specific greatness definitions:Vague DefinitionSpecific Definition1I want to be a great leader.I want to transform 10 failing companies and personally mentor 10 employees in each to become better than me.2I want to be a great scientist.I want to discover the cure for AIDS.3I want to be a great lawyer.I want to help human rights organizations win legal battles in China.4I want to be the greatest athlete.I want to finish the 100-meter race in 8 seconds flat.Do you notice how specific the statements on the right are?That is how your definition of gre atness ought to be. If it is not specific, you will lose it along the way.2. BREAK IT DOWNFrom the definition, the next thing you should do is to break down your idea of greatness. As it is, your specific statement is very difficult to achieve.You may see yourself being that which you have defined, but that is only in your mind’s eyes. To achieve it, you have to bring it out into the world.In this second step of the process, it is all about making a plan.This is the plan which will get your greatness from your mind and into the real world.“If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where they should be. Now put the foundations under them.”  Henry David ThoreauFrom Vision to MissionDo you know the difference between a company’s vision statement and mission statement?Those are part of what defines a company. From those two statements, you can tell where a company is headed and what it does on a daily basis.That is exactly how you are supposed to operate.Generally speaking, a company’s vision talks of its long-term goals while its mission describes its short-term goals.Depending on the statements themselves, this short-term goal can also be a description of the daily operations. Source: LIS Information CornerIn other words, the mission is what the company does consistently in order to achieve its vision.You have already defined your greatness statement. This is your vision.It’s now time to define your mission. You will do this by answering a simple question: how will you achieve your goal?Let’s use the third greatness statement from the table in the section about being specific.What do you want to achieve? You want to help human rights organizations win legal battles in China.How do you achieve that?Engage your logical mind here. Follow a step-by-step reasoning as you build towards this goal. In this case, assuming no experience in all relevant fields, the smaller parts of your vision could be as follows.1. Research on the human rights situation in China â€" this is the first step because you have to fuel your ambition. You may know that the situation in China is wanting.But until you do a thorough research about it, you may not have enough conviction to drive your ambition. Start reading blogs about the situation in China. Dig deeper by searching for investigative articles. Follow renowned experts and analysts on social media for updates.The more you know, your motivation will increase and you will have a more solid goal.2. Learn Mandarin the next step is to learn the language used by the natives. You cannot win a legal battle in China if you’re speaking English or French. Look for a school where you can learn Mandarin and enroll for classes.Your quest for greatness is already underway.As such, you have to be the greatest student. Excel above the rest. Do some extra studies at the library.Learn some more from the internet. Whatever you do, start practicing greatness by beating all your classmates.3. Study Chinese law â€" time to attend law school. Legal battles can only be won with a thorough knowledge and understanding of the law. This is crucial. The arguments in court are all about logic and application of the acquired knowl edge about the law.4. Apply for internship in a global human rights organization in China â€" having done all the above, you will now be like a soldier awaiting deployment. Don’t apply for a job, look for internship. You will have higher chances getting aboard the organization through internship rather than through employment.With internship, you pose as one offering help.Also, you are not necessarily looking to depend on the organization for your long-term career.Though you can get opportunities to advance, you can easily detach yourself in case there are limitations.Make It MeasurableThese smaller parts of the vision have to be measurable if at all you are to succeed in doing them.If you don’t make them measurable, they will be as vague as the statements used above. With no real direction of what to be achieved on the short-term, you will easily get distracted and frustrated.In making the steps measurable, check what exactly is to be achieved throughout the stages. If academic s, aim for higher than the average. If the average student scores 85 out of 100, aim for 90%.It can also be an idea worth implementing to define a second-best score for yourself. In this case, it can be the average of 85%.You will however need to be careful not to be resorting to that instead of going for the idea score.The other aspect of measurability is setting deadlines. You cannot have a goal with no deadlines to achieve it.Let’s see how this can look like using our example of becoming a top Chinese human rights lawyer.There may not be an end to the research on the human rights situation in China. That might be an ongoing process. It might even overlap with learning the Chinese language.You can for instance set the deadline for learning Mandarin to be 2 years. After that, learning Chinese law might take 5 years with the internship application process taking 3 months.The timeline could look something like this. Timeline for becoming a great human rights lawyer in China3. ACTAll the theory work is done. It’s now time to get practical. It’s time to act.Achieving greatness takes hard work.With the above time frame, it’s easy to know how long you will take to achieve your goal. You can stick the visual time frame on your bedroom wall, your kitchen, study area and anywhere else you frequent.You can also have it as the background picture of your smartphone and desktop or laptop. This will engrave it in your mind.There are three things to consider in your action.Be DedicatedIt is important to realize that the seven years and three months in the above timeline is a lot of time. However, with enough mismanagement, the time can fly past you without warning.Being great is a big goal and you have set your heart on it. The last thing you want is to lose focus and lose your reward. To avoid that, you need to be dedicated to the pursuit.Do you watch a lot of TV or movies? You need to cut back on it. Are you constantly on social media? You have to cut back on that too.Are you always spending time on non-productive activities? You urgently need to unlearn time-wasting habits.Dedication means you are thinking of only one thing. That one thing must be so important to you that nothing else matters.A disclaimer on that statement though: if you have a family, you need to plan your time accordingly. Neglecting your family will not do. Just as greatness starts from withinâ€"believing in yourselfâ€"so must it continue at the family level.With your family taken care of, ensure there are no distractions. Clear out your study area. Use Adblocking browser extensions to reduce or eliminate distractions when researching online. And also train your mind to concentrate and stay focused.Work Hard At ItYour dedication is the proof of your commitment to your pursuit of greatness. The hard work you put in is the evidence of your dedication.That dedication has to come out. It has to be seen through some physical work.This is where many people fail.Hard work is not something many are used to. With all the convenience of technology, very few are willing to put in the effort to even do simple math using their own minds. It’s just too tiring and time-consuming.But if you are to become great, you have to be ready to sweat it out. Understand that some conveniences are actually distractions.Take responsibility of your ambitions since there will be no-one to blame. As Winston Churchill said, “The price of greatness is responsibility.” It is your responsibility to study. It is your responsibility to train your body and mind. Nobody will do these things for you.As you go along this path, take time to notice the available assistance you might bump into. For instance, in school, you might find a helpful lecturer.If you get stuck on any matter, be sure to check with him. If there is something you’re finding difficult to understand, reach out to him.Make good use of him as there may not be many on your path like him.Tackle the SetbacksAs you journey towards greatness, one thing you will definitely need is a strong resolve to keep going.No road leading to greatness is clear of challenges. Yet those challenges have to be faced and tackled.Remind yourself that others have done it. They may not be in your field, but they have tackled challenges and moved forward.This is where your mindset comes in. You need to be an optimist and see things from a positive perspective.Here are three setbacks you can bet on facing.1. Doubt â€" do you remember that your definition of greatness should be so big that it scares you? Being great means being different. And that can be scary, especially since the world seeks to make us all conform to some type of norm.If the goal you set excites you, then disregard the feeling of fear. Disregard the voice of doubt. Every human being has potential to achieve greatness.It is your belief that will propel you to achieve it. Believe in yourself and move towards your goal. Keep the reward in mind.2. Failure â€" some of the short-term goals you set may not be achieved on time. This can wreck serious havoc in your mind. Failure may haunt you the whole night while sticking by your side the whole day.Fear not. That is not an end result but just a setback. Get back on your feet, pick up from where you left off and run.3. Loss of willpower â€" your internal strength and capacity to continue will also be challenged. You may find yourself going back to some old habits. You may get tired one day and decide to watch a movie. By the time you realize what’s happening, you’ve watched three or four of them one after the other.The strength to make the right choices is usually lacking in many of us. But as science tells us, willpower is like a muscle.If you train it, it expands. So to avoid getting hit when you least have the energy, start working on this soon enough.CONCLUSIONGreatness is very much achievable. What makes very few peo ple achieve it is the amount of work involved.If you can only dedicate the relatively small portion of your life needed to do the work, the results are guaranteed.Imagine spending only 7 years working to be that great lawyer. It’s a short time of hard work.But can you imagine what the rest of your life will be like? The satisfaction you’ll get from living out your dream?

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Active Listening Skills Research Paper - 550 Words

Active Listening Skills (Research Paper Sample) Content: Active Listening SkillsNameInstitutionActive Listening SkillsThe art of active listening facilitates understanding between two parties in a communication. In any verbal interaction, people listen to understand, obtain information, and learn something out of it. Sometimes, listening to one talking becomes difficult. Studies have indicated that many people comprehend less than half of what they hear from someone talking (Manktelow Carlson, 2013). This is because such people have communication skills deficit characterized by passive listening. In order to improve the amount of information one can retain after listening to someone else talking, it is necessary to adopt active listening skills Center for (CCL and Hoppe, 2011). This entails utilizing the skills that fosters self-awareness during verbal interaction. In order to facilitate an active listening, a person should identify various active listening skills necessary to enhance the effectiveness of the verbal commun ication. Before the commencement of a verbal interaction, the listener should be prepared mentally by dedicating his/her focus to absorb as much as possible what is being said or talked about (SkillsYouNeed, 2014). In order to be properly prepared, one should avoid any source of distraction that may hamper the effectiveness of the communication. One should approach the communication process with an open mind to facilitate understanding of the intended message. Preconceived emotions or ideas about what the speaker would say, will act as a barrier to effective communication.Paying attention is another active listening skill that incorporates non-verbal communication in the listening process to enhance effectiveness in the understanding of the speaker message (Battell, 2006). Paying attention entails maintaining an appropriate physical stance such as eye contact, a small smiling and incorporating nods of the head to show that one is listening and following what is being said. The liste ner should also pay attention to the speakers body language in order to understand the purpose and feeling behind the speakers talk. The listener should wait until the speaker finishes talking, before formulating any form of response. One should avoid any form of interruption that can affect the speakers communication. Providing feedback is a good way of showing the speaker that one was listening (Cheon, and Grant, 2009). In some cases, the listener can respond with a question or comment during the talk, as a way to show ones attention to the speech, but this should follow the speakers signal for the acknowledgement of your understanding. In order to provide an appropriate feedback, the listener should reflect on what has been said and avoid personal assumptions that can distort the intended message (Bryant, 2009). Responding emotionally to what the speaker has said, may be viewed as portraying ones personal beliefs, and so should be avoided. In providing a feedback, one should be h onest and present his/her opinion respectfully as way of treating the speaker, as he/she would have wanted to be treated. In case a listener needs to clarify some information from the speaker, this should be done appropriately by asking the speaker to expound on the issue in question. The listener should let the presentation or the talk runs its course and avoids driving it towards a specific conclusion.Active listening skills are necessary for ...

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Dr. Milton s Thesis - 1202 Words

In case 9.15, graduate student, Sam is finishing up his master’s degree with his thesis work and is getting ready to start the research portion of the project. He has recently found out that his brother has terminal cancer and will probably not live past Christmas. Sam had wanted his brother to be present for his graduation ceremony as a way to say thank you for all the support he had received from him over the years. He knew that the only way his thesis would be done by the September deadline was if he fabricated parts of it. Sam chose to go ahead and conduct the interviews like he had originally planned, but decided to personally make up the questionnaires. He got it approved by his advisor, Dr. Milton, who was regarded as a good†¦show more content†¦As a member of the faculty, Dr. Milton has an obligation to keep the institutions standards intact. Dr. Milton is a professional and if she does not follow the rules her integrity will be at risk. She is regarded as a t horough mentor. If it becomes known that she will look the other way for her students her reputation will be destroyed. It may not be specifically required for professors to report academic dishonesty, but there is a moral obligation to do so. Boston University’s academic conduct code explains the procedures that should be done if academic fraud takes place. It explains that faculty should speak with the student before reporting the violation to Assistant or Associate Dean (Academic Conduct Code, n.d.). The school and program has a conduct code that students must follow in order to keep their status as a student. This code details the procedures that should be executed in an academic dishonesty case. The Boston University academic conduct code discusses what constitutes as a violation of the code, defines the action that takes place on suspected violations and explains the penalties. The code also provides examples of academic dishonesty (Academic Conduct Code, n.d.). By comm itting academic fraud, Sam is in violation of these rules. By these standards committing academic fraud is unethical and should be made known to school officials. This case also informs us that Sam’s decision to be dishonest in his work comes after learning